2019: Be Under A New Management

In December 18, 2018

Has Jose Mourinho lost his mojo? Man United will now be under a new management.

Being under a new management is constant in life except for someone who’s not ready to live a fulfilled life.

Exactly five months ago, I sacked my erstwhile management. I changed to a new management I wanted to work for. I decided to say no to the belligerent, brusque and grinch practices and people and proved it is not everybody that is vulnerable.

 Though, I wasn’t sure I was ready…..yet I pulled the triggers. I took myself to a new management in the ocean of uncertainties. I took the risk no one will escape…

Five months down the line, I have paid off all the debts and earned massive fulfilment. My new management preaches what its does and do what it preaches. My new management is an institution. I am enjoying my new management.

In 2019, you should either express yourself more or be under a new management if you are to be stiffed by your current management.

My transition hours was not easy but the transition itself is better than anticipated. Thanks to my previous preparations.

Do You want to be free? Do you want to enjoy freedom with responsibility? Do you want your work to be fun?

If your answers are three yes, out of three questions, then you need be to shown the way. A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and knows the way according to the man in the picture with me.  I’m ready to show you the way if you will be willing to learn the way to a fulfilling life.

Babs with Dr John C Maxwell in 2012

The first thing I want you to do is to know or find is the enemy. There is one enemy against your fulfilled life.

Incidentally, I found my own enemy in 2011 and the enemy is ME. I wrote the article, I have found the enemy and its me.  You can read it in the link below.


This is what I did after I found the enemy

http://Be A Riot Starter

The second thing I want you to do urgently  is to find the way. I couldn’t have transited easily into a fulfilling life and yet without huge financial loss if there has been no preparation ahead of my change of management. All my preparations and how you could prepare are in the book Take the LEAD.

Do you want to live a fulfilled Life?

Do you want to know how to LEAD-Live, Energise, Activate and Develop your strength zone? 

Take the LEAD is a must read book for you.

I am operating in my strength zone and I want you to do the same from now.

I am selling the book to you at a huge discount on my December Promotion. You can order through my website as in the link below, pay into my account and send me a message on whatsapp-07064176953 or email to babs@babsolugbemi.org for the collection code.

Click the link below and start your journey into a fulfilling 2019.


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  1. Stephens Books on Marina Street Lagos (at the entrance of the car park opposite Wema Bank).
  2. Mr Lucas stores on Abibu Oki street opposite Zenith bank. Mr Lucas is a leading retailer of office and professional clothes. You might get the book free if you buy from Mr Lucas and Mrs Lucas is happy with your purchases.

I am sure you will thank me if you dare to take the two steps I listed above. Nothing worth sacrificing your fulfilment for, not even your management. You have the right to CHANGE and BE under a new management in 2019.

Truly Yours,

Babs Olugbemi, FCCA

Personal Growth and Leadership Strategist



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