Babs Olugbemi, FCA

Babs Olugbemi is a qualified finance professional and naturally crafted to work for your L.E.A.D. He is a Life Success & Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker and Investor in People.

He is the author of the highly impacting book; Transform Yourself (the secrets for unleashing & maximizing your potentials). A book that helps you to live a responsibility-based, change-driven and possibility-focused life. Babs is a member of the John Maxwell Team and the founder of the Great Achiever’s Club (in some Universities & Polytechnics), SuccessMind International and Positive Growth Africa.

Babs have various experiences in Business Consulting, Accounts & Finance, Products Development & Management, Process Improvements, Audit, Business Analysis & Negotiations and Employee Training & Development. He has influenced and championed changes in organizations by developing protégés and leaders through trainings, mentoring, various self-development articles like Thinker like the Owner, The Best Place to Work, Transformational Leadership for Business Leaders & Teachers

He has the skills to create functional business ecosystems, developing institutional leaders at all levels, and entrenching ownership thinking culture and implementing trans-generational ethics and values in organisations.

  • To ensure you LEAD-Live, Energise, Activate and Develop your Potentials.

  • Babs’ mission is to work with people to LEAD by activating the Dreamer, the Thinker, the Storyteller and the Leader in People through his gifted inspiring utterances, perspectives to life situations and practical guidance for positive outcomes.
    The journey in life has outer and inner purposes. Living the present moment rightly is focusing on the inner purpose to create your future. My passion is to work with people to discover their inner purposes, to be resourceful, accountable, and responsible and be empowered individual capable of self-directed transformation.
    Please contact me. I am willing to work with you in a designed alliance to increase your level of conscious awareness and personal effectiveness on the journey to transform your life and achieve good success.

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