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Life Guide/Coaching

Life, most times, gives people what they deserve not necessarily what they desire.

Leadership Shepherd

The general mistake about leadership is that it is positional.

Positive Growth

You have discovered your purpose, but you are still not at the peak of it.

Youth Mentoring

Most young people are at-risk today because they have hard times at home,

Grab a Copy of ``Transform Yourself``

The Secrets for Unleashing and Maximizing Your Potentials

Quote of the Day


Moving from nothing to greatness is possible. Transform Yourself

After almost 3 weeks of insomnia filled with depression and unhappiness, I decided to go into a coaching relationship. I met with Babs who said to me on the first day. ``Once you get fulfilled in one area of your life, others will fall into place: the law of attraction!`` I followed all we agreed at every session and my life changed within 4 Weeks. I was recalled to my previous department at work, got engaged and got more businesses

Adeola A - Treasury Officer

I have read little books in my journey of life and still reading but I have never found myself clutch to any other like “Transform Yourself” from the title to the content and the messages, it is simply a guide to reconstruct one’s life.

Dennis Ayara - Banker

In 2008, I observed how Babs treated his subordinate who was also my friend. Something in me knew he was the right person to be my coach. I developed a coaching relationship with him which has really added value to my career and life generally

Chuka N - Currency Trader

My coach is someone who meets you and leaves a motivating impact in you. He consistently asks thought provoking questions and makes comments that ignite my career pathway. He is my leadership inspiration and I regularly look forward to the coaching session with him.

Haruna A - Card Analyst