I’m In 2019. Are You?

It’s been long! I received many mails asking if I have stop writing and enlightening people. I appreciate all your concerns and thoughts for me. I took a brief break to pursue other objectives. I cannot abandon writing for any reason. Also, we have reasons to upgrade and migrate this website due to resources limitation and to make it more secured. We now have over 250,000 visitors on our website monthly and we want to give you a sweet experience always.

I’m back! Your Banker’s Coach is here. Your Business and Leadership Strategist is here. While on my sabbatical, I did some things that will be of interest to you. I will give you a heads up on some of my 2019 activities soon.

Within the last two months, I have been involved in:

  1. raising fund for Balqees, a superstar and 15 years old head girl of a secondary school in Lagos fighting Leukaemia. We have raised N7.5m out of the required N18m and she will be travelling to start the surgery procedures in the next few weeks. You can still donate. See this link for her account details. https://babsolugbemi.org/do-this-for-balqees-and-get-my-ferrari/;
  2. working on my first novel and sixth book. A Castrated Banker, the illusion of an employee is a must-read. It will be out in Q1 of 2019;
  3. coaching of ten castrated bankers who recently lost their jobs in three banks. You can’t wait for my experience from this experience. I turned the ex-bankers into ‘Gunslingers’ after the six weeks coaching. You know I’m a castrated banker. That’s what some of my friends call me;
  4. migrating my website and release of the book, Take the Lead. All the preparation I have made to be able to call the bluff of wrong workplace practices is in this book. I have two collections centres in Lagos for this book.You can order for this book on my website. Here’s the link. https://babsolugbemi.org/product/take-the-lead/ 
  5. building the nation. I was at the NYSC camps to speak to the future leaders, engaged some organisations and fulfil my commitment to my comment column on BusinessDay Newspaper. Read my article on Thursdays in this newspaper.

I am accountable to you as my readers. I want you to know I’m fine and I am still with you. The break I took was refreshing and here I am with more insightful experience to share with you.

Two interesting things I will like to share with you is the fraud I committed with my boss in the banks and how I received the best advice in my four months full time entrepreneur journey in an unusual place (lets say in a pepper soup joint). I will share these experiences with you.

I feel I’m in 2019 already. I have achieved some of my goals for 2018 and have few to go but if 2018 ends now, I am fulfilled. I have commenced my planning for 2019 and have the first 20 days of it planned with family and work activities.

One of the reasons I will be fulfilled to end 2018 in November is the fact that I have been able to deal with the unexpected event within the year. I never expected I will quit my job in July and become a full time talent entrepreneur so soon. I found myself in the situation. I was like a monk who sold his Ferrari. But in four months:

I have paid off my debts to the bank and earn some income, help others and do what fulfils me. What fulfils you will provide for you in the long run if you mind the business of your talent and the talent of your business as written in my book, Take the Lead (How to live, energise, activate and develop your strength zone). Wouldn’t you get a copy now in preparation for 2019?


I don’t know the unexpected events you have witnessed in 2018. I hope it is not bereavement. If not, the circumstance is not negative or positive. It’s a neutral situation but your perspective will make the situation either a positive or negative situation. If you had a flat tyre on your way to Ikeja, this might be a negative situation because you cannot make the appointment. This is a positive situation to the tyre repairer who fixed your flat tyre for a fee. In a deep perspective, your delays that morning might be a positive situation you didn’t realise at the moment.

Are you in 2019 already? We’ve ended November and shall see the end of 2018 by God’s grace. it is time to plan for 2019. If you fail to plan, you might be planning to have a weak start in 2019. It is good to start strong in 2019.

One way I will advice you not to start the planning for 2019 is the use of the new year resolution. I jettisoned new year resolution ten years ago. How many of your new year resolutions have you achieved? I have failed to keep up to the resolutions in the past within three months of the new year. I discovered and developed the Goals Achievement Strategy(GAS). My GAS has been very effective and you can just copy and past or adopt for your use.

Here are few of my articles that will prepare you before I teach you how to use my Goals Achievement Strategy.

December-Celebrate your productivity

Finding Your Big Deal in 2018

Please write your comment and share this write up to help others.

Sincerely yours,

Babs Olugbemi, FCCA

The Bankers’ Coach.



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