Live Life by Design from March 2019

In March 1, 2019

Hey my friends, colleagues, mentors, readers, proteges and followers of babsolugbemi. org.

I’m welcoming you to the month of March 2019 with positive vibration and energy. My prayer is for you to march in this month of March.

I have been away from blogging without leave of absence or permission from you. I’m deeply sorry. I do hope you will accept my apology.

I  deliberately shut down some of my writing activities to reflect on the impact I’m making.  Life without impact is lifeless.

I coached ten bankers from November 14 to December 14, 2018. It was a massive engagement for me being the first face-to-face and paid event to the bankers. I will be sharing the impact and the experience from the engagement with you after obtaining the participants’ approval to do so.

I went away for 60 days to reflect and plan how to contribute more to you and the society.

It is in contributing to life that you derive your fulfilment and make life to contribute to you. There’s nothing that fulfils you that won’t reward you at the same time.

What are your contributing? I wrote an article on giving and this might be of help to you. What have you been contributing in 2019

I finished and sent the much awaited book, A Castrated Banker to my editor. I can’t wait to have the book in your hand and in the market for employees with illusions to learn and use the potent strategies for managing their career and life. At times, good lessons are better taught in stories.

I now live my life by design and not by default anymore. Up to last July 2018, I dare not take 30 days off without being spanked. It’s good to live life by design and never by default.

I have not written my itinerants to brag but to teach a lesson. I want you to live your life not by default but by design from now.

How can you live your life by design?

It takes planning. You need to identify the activities that you will never retire from and plan to transit from whatever that is giving you income now to the activities of your choice. You need, as noted in the front cover of my book, Take the LEAD, make work fun, enjoy responsibility with freedom.

If you cannot continue the way you are, then it is time to deliberately make a move to live the life you want in the next two years.

I started my move in 2010. I paid the price to have the prize of flexibility and fulfilment I’m experiencing now.

Do you want to live a fulfilled life?

I want you to prepare ahead. I want you to read Take the lead. And be ready to attend one of my seminars coming soon.

You can order this book online and pick your copies from two centres in Lagos.

Life is not as difficult as we envisage it if we plan ahead and discover our true selves. I can take you through the process saving you time and energy.

You can contact me for one-to-coaching on career, business and organisation development.

I’m Babs Olugbemi FCCA. I help individuals and organisations to develop their strength zones and achieve sustainable results. I work with leaders to create the atmosphere for success in the workplace thereby influencing results and brand acceptance positively. I support the employees with performance improvement needs to transform into employees of choice within six months…. This is my Bamboo tree.

What about your bamboo tree?

Happy new month of March, 2019.

Many regards,


Babs Olugbemi, FCCA

The Coach. Author. Life Catalyst


  1. Good morning Mr Babs ,
    Am happy to know that you are back now .its good to be home.
    Can we meet one on one?.
    I have my plans to initiate a youth and women empowerment
    program where I will mentor them on the importance of positive
    Mind set and how to create the financial freedom using a
    Platform of their choice .and help them to get started .
    This is because I see young men and women including the
    house wives wasting their lives gallivanting and gossiping …so I
    Need to help .
    I have already started talking to them regarding this and so far its
    A welcome idea by those I have spoken to.
    Reply to me and let me know what you think .

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