Moving from nothing to greatness is possible. Transform Yourself

After almost 3 weeks of insomnia filled with depression and unhappiness, I decided to go into a coaching relationship. I met with Babs who said to me on the first day. ``Once you get fulfilled in one area of your life, others will fall into place: the law of attraction!`` I followed all we agreed at every session and my life changed within 4 Weeks. I was recalled to my previous department at work, got engaged and got more businesses.

Adeola ATreasury Officer

In 2008, I observed how Babs treated his subordinates who was also my friend. Something in me knew he was the right person to be my coach. I developed a coaching relationship with him which has really added value to my career and life generally

Chuka NCurrency Trader

My coach is someone who meets you and leaves a motivating impact in you. He consistently asks thought provoking questions and makes comments that ignite my career pathway. He is my leadership inspiration and I regularly look forward to the coaching session with him.

Haruna ACard Analyst

I have read little books in my journey of life and still reading but I have never found myself clutch to any other like “Transform Yourself” from the title to the content and the messages, it is simply a guide to reconstruct one’s life

Dennis AyaraBanker

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