The Atmosphere for Success

In February 1, 2019

Before I started out as a part-time motivational teacher in 2008, I was shy to share my story for people to learn. Sharing a personal story is a powerful way of teaching a retentive lesson to others. When I shared how I struggled at the early life, like being a bus conductor in my book, Transform Yourself, the reaction was that of pity or call it empathy, but it passes a message. Where you started from or where you are doesn’t matter if you see and work for a better tomorrow.

If the story is one where I made the right decision, to some it is bragging whereas the lesson in it is life is all about decisions. The summation of your decision determines many things about your fulfilment. When you dress well, talk or write to audiences to inspire them, some sees you like a superman without any struggle and the next move is to help their finances or solve problems for them.

Life is all about perspectives. So, for you to be emotionally stable, don’t be offended by the perspectives of others.

I was surprised when Olayomi (a surrogate name) my ex-subordinate called and asked me a question yesterday. He was preparing to take a leadership role in another organisation and find me worthy of emulation.

My boss for life. I can recall the way you want peace among your team members in those days. Whenever we had issues, you always want to settle it amicably and fairly. You want everyone to be cordial and I can’t forget your firmness. You removed three people from the team and requested for the transfer of the most senior member of your team at a time. Why do you behave like that sir?

Olayomi, I gave all of you the chance to ask me questions on my sent forth day. If you had asked this question, it would have benefitted others, I replied. I will want you to permit me to share my response with my readers. He obliged.

All I did was to create an atmosphere for success. As a leader, I have key performance indicators I was focusing on. I oversaw the strategy for business development, so I need little distraction from you guys.

Do you notice what happened when I redeployed Ms Adora? We had a peaceful and better working environment. I removed her after several attempts to align her with the type of atmosphere I needed to ensure all our efforts bears fruits.

Our performance improved. We grew our business by 120% and our profit by 150%. We became a branch to be reckoned with, he replied.

That was the result of creating an enabling environment for success. When you plant a seed, what happened? Within the seed is a potential greater than the seed. The seed can grow into big trees and fruits. But something must happen before the seed sprout into a tree.

There is a tree called the Chinese Bamboo.  Like any plant, the growth of the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing – water, fertile soil, sunshine. No matter the effort, the tree will not sprout until the sixth year. But a miracle does happen after the tree sprout. The tree will grow up to 90ft tall within 6 weeks. The question is, does the Chinese Bamboo Tree grow to 90ft tall in six weeks or in 5years?

The Chinese Bamboo tree was given the right atmosphere by the farmer who watered it for five years before any sign of success.

What are your Bamboo Trees? What are you watering? What have you watered since the year began?

It is not enough to water trees. Are you providing the right atmosphere for the tree to succeed?

Whether as a leader leading people or in your personal life, you need to create the right atmosphere for your efforts to be fruitful.

I did that as a new leader in sales and marketing to achieve results with and through people. I helped four people to be transferred to the offices nearest to their homes as I can’t guarantee their happiness with the distance the commute to work every day.

I removed three other people because they refuse to improve on the interpersonal relationship required for the team effort to be rewarded with growth.

The effort to create the atmosphere for success took a year but it was like five years of watering the Chinese Bamboo Tree. The reward for creating the atmosphere was fast and open results for all to see.

In creating the right atmosphere for success, you need to do the followings:

  1. Know your Bamboo Tree and that it takes time for it to germinate and grow;
  2. Be determined to water it dedicatedly. Have a deadly commitment to seeing it through;
  3. Avoid distractions: unnecessary arguments and conflicts that produce negative emotions
  4. Silence is golden to kill the opposition. There is no upliftment without opposition. The opposition is not necessarily from your enemy. It could be from anyone who’s not seeing your Bamboo Tree.
  5. Trust in God and the process. It is God that gives the miracle we call Harvest.

Your seed (effort) won’t germinate until three needs are met: water, correct temperature (warmth), and a good location (such as in soil). The strategy that makes your seed to germinate is different from the one that will ensure the fruits are harvested.

I Babs Olugbemi FCCA, help individuals and organisations to develop their strength zones and achieve sustainable results. I work with leaders to create an atmosphere for success in the workplace influencing results and brand acceptance positively. I support the employees with performance improvement needs to turnaround to be employees of choice within six months.

That’s my Bamboo Tree.

I want you to write your Bamboo Tree and share with us in the comment box below. This will give you the clarity and the awareness needed to water and grow your tree.

I need life coaches who can facilitate training courses for my team. If you are interested even without any coaching certification, please contact me.

In this February 2019, before you go to bed every night, ask yourself if you have watered your Bamboo Tree.

To your growth,

Babs Olugbemi, FCCA.


  1. True characteristics of a leader. Well done, Coach.

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  3. God bless you Babs. Keep up the good work.
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