The Commercial Aspect of Christmas

In December 24, 2018

Hey friends, I am happy it’s another Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you. The reason for the season will find expression in your life.

A pastor during his sermon told us how a woman while shopping exclaimed  Why are people mixing religion with Xmas?

Though Xmas is a season of giving and showing of love, the reasons for the season is Jesus the Christ who is the ultimate leader. I was once told by John C. Maxwell that all the principles in his books were the principles taught by the ultimate leader.

The woman appreciates the commercial and giving aspect of Xmas but not the main sacrifice of love which is the reason for the season.

Over $465billion is spent on Xmas gifts-gifts, wrapping items, drinks and food etc. This amount is incomparable to the sacrifice God made and the fulfilment aspect of redeeming people from destruction.

I’m giving you a gift for Xmas. It is a gift of a good life in the envelope below: Right click on it and open in a new page:

Unlike the woman, we need to know the fulfilment value of our lives and not only focus on the commercial aspect of our daily activities.

For you to be fulfilled, you must know your fulfilment path and follow it. I have detailed how to live a life of fulfilment in Take the LEAD.


What will fulfil you will also give you all the commercial benefits you will ever need. Go for the activities that fulfil you and live a life worth living. Click on the link below to buy this product at a discounted rate.

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From all of us at, Positive Growth Africa and Mentoras Leadership Limited, we wish you Merry Christmas and prosperous 2019.

Truly yours,

Babs Olugbemi, FCCA

Founder, Positive Growth Africa.


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