What are you giving in 2019?

In January 12, 2019

I trust you are still keeping to your new year resolutions. And if you are like me who dumped new year resolutions some years ago and always start the year with WHY, I do hope you are working toward the goals you have set for 2019. I wish you the best in 2019. The best, however, depends on what you give to get the best.

For how to replace the new year resolution with an effective method, you can read my article Start with Why

I was speaking to five thousand people a few years ago and in my attempt to invoke a positive change, I started with a profound statement. I said…’ if you don’t like what you are receiving or getting from life, check what you are giving’.

What are you giving in 2019?

What you give has a lot to do with how well this year will be. Let’s follow the law of accounting…. for every debit, there must be a credit. Right! What do you do to the debit and the credit?

We give credit to the Giver and give debit to the Receiver. Lobatan! (Lobatan is a Yoruba word meaning, it is finished without any controversy)

If you want to get more credit- joy, career success, financial breakthroughs and all you’ve ever desired in 2019, then be a giver. Give more than you receive in 2019.

Let’s be more practical. In 2018, I worked with ten people in the first 10days of the year to set goals and identified the direction for the year. I have chatted with all of them in the final review within the last ten days and found the followings:

Goal setting and identification of action points 100%- all the participants
Goal pursued and achieved in 2018 80% of the participants
Goal not achieved in 2018 20% of the participants

I probed the 20% further and come to a vital conclusion. They did identify what they want, know what to do but didn’t give enough before the final whistle was blown.

What are you giving in the areas you want to see a change this year? You must be more of a giver, not a receiver.

So you want to be successful in business, in your career, in your friendship or relationship? Are you giving or you are just receiving?

In my 20% buckets were people who lost a good friendship because all they do is to receive. All they do is to place demands on others. They couldn’t give support or advice, they won’t show empathy where needed. It’s all about their welfare or areas of concern.

One of the 20% lost his job because rather than fighting to improve his performance on the job, he was always complaining of a bad boss. He put in what should be last first and what should be first last. I told him his bad boss would have been better if his performance was not always at the bottom south.

Some lost due to fear and doubt. They never seize the moment to read that book, start the new business, make the business proposal or propose to him or her. All they do was to over-analysis the situation like the facebook political analysts.

I have a piece of good news for you. It’s not too late to start giving to receiving more in 2019. I still have the window opened. You can still join my new 10 people for 2019 by sending me an email or a Whatsapp message. I have six slots left. I will work with you for 10 days to set goals and direction for your ‘giving’ in 2019. The more you give, the more you receive in 2019.

I have equally packaged the idea and direction to help you do what will fulfil you and make you a giver in 2019 in ‘Take the Lead’. The book, Take the lead is a sure guide to help you in finding the activities that strengthen and reward you for life. You can buy a copy of the book on my website for a promotional price. T and C applies.

Your giving is important and it doesn’t have to me material things. It has to be what you have and it must be in form of service to others.

What are you giving?


You’ll succeed!

Babs Olugbemi, FCCA

Life and Leadership Strategist

Founder, Positive Growth Africa



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