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Slide Babs Olugbemi, CLC, FCCA
Author, Speaker & Coach
Life is all about perspectives. So, for you to be emotionally stable, don’t be offended by the perspectives of others.

Babs Olugbemi

Take the lead

How to Live, Energise, Activate and Develop your strength zone

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My coach is someone who meets you and leaves a motivating impact in you. He consistently asks thought provoking questions and makes comments that ignite my career pathway. He is my leadership inspiration and I regularly look forward to the coaching session with him.

Haruna A

In 2008, I observed how Babs treated his subordinate who was also my friend. Something in me knew he was the right person to be my coach. I developed a coaching relationship with him which has really added value to my career and life generally

Chuka N - Currency Trader

I have read little books in my journey of life and still reading but I have never found myself clutch to any other like “Transform Yourself” from the title to the content and the messages, it is simply a guide to reconstruct one’s life.

Dennis Ayara - Banker

Mentoras is a consulting firm made up of talented Business Consultants, Performance & Leadership Coaches and Training Facilitators committed to providing our clients with the very best in Business, Process, Leadership Consulting and Development.

  • Leadership and Development Interventions.
  • Organization and Leadership Consulting.
  • Business and Management Consulting
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Positive Growth Africa

Positive Growth Africa is a not-for- Profit Youth and Leadership oriented Institution founded in 2010 with the objectives of developing the leadership view, capacity and influence of the African youth and leaders with the aim of influencing the world at large.


To build leaders with impeccable strength and character to Influence the world positively for the benefits of the human race.

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Inspiring Books
Transform Yourself
Football Fiesta
The Teachers' Fortress
Coaching Enlistment

Do you want Babs to coach you? He can coach you to uplift your output in your business, leadership, relationship, finance, and many other areas, including speaking at your events.

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